Privacy Policy


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


In order to comply with GDPR I am obliged to keep the data I hold on you safe and inform you of the reasons why I keep such data. 


Your name, address, dob and GP details are kept in written form in a locked filing cabinet. I keep this information to contact you and to safeguard you or others you know. Any phone messages or emails will be deleted after they have been responded to.  Any brief, hand written notes on your assessment and work with me, to ensure effective delivery of counselling, will be kept separate from identifying details. 

I am bound by the BACP to undertake regular monthly supervision. I will discuss your treatment with my supervisor who is bound by the same ethics, confidentiality and data protection regulation. Within this process your identity will remain confidential. 

Any notes that are kept will need to be retained for the purposes of professional insurance and/or legal purposes. These will be kept for a maximum of seven years. If you would like me to delete your data, apart from what is required for insurance and legal purposes, please let me know. You do have a right to see the information I hold about you on request. 

I will not disclose your personal data to others except in exceptional circumstances when required by law. For example, if your life or lives of others are at risk. I would always discuss this with you first.